WeCharge Tech cares about your business, that's why we offer a complete range of phone and tablet portable chargers dedicated to growing, maintaining or satisfying your business. It has never been so easy to provide this simple and efficient service to your customers with our charging solution!

WeCharge can offer to equip your business with our ad-supported model for free, or with an exclusive fully customized casing.  Our team is dedicated to finding a solution to match your needs. Contact [email protected] to receive documentations.


Our team will show you how to use your WeCharge when we provide you with this unique and ready-to-go system.

Your WeCharge will happily charge itself as well as other devices. You can expect 12 full charges before it needs to be topped up itself at an outlet. 

Boost your activity

Whether you choose the ad-supported version or get your own customized WeCharge, 

your loyal customers will be happily able to charge their phones and tablets through the convenience of WeCharge. As an added bonus you will attract new customers thanks to our app's exclusive 'find-a-station' feature.

Full customization

We  print your logo onto the WeCharge as a unique marketing and promotional tool.

Further, the WeCharge has the option of an in-built wi-fi extention so you can cover a dead space, such as your terrace or backroom, as well as providing customers and employees with charge.